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What is the Center for Identity Potential?

The Center for Identity Potential offers specialized counseling and consultation services for gifted, talented and exceptional people. out team utilizes a group evaluation process with a systemic approach to access the various factors affecting each client’s presenting concerns and tailor our support to meet these needs. Along with general mental health concerns, we work with those struggling with learning problems or what can be call Twice Exceptionality, ADHD and executive functioning concerns, anxiety, depression, anger issues, emotional sensitivities and other issues relevant to the gifted, talented and exceptional population.

Though our focus is on giftedness, we by no means limit our services to this population exclusively. Anyone seeking a collaborative, systemic approach to understanding themselves and desiring pragmatic skills in expressing themselves in a more meaningful way can benefit from our services.

  • Anxiety

  • Twice Exceptionality (2E)

  • Learning Problems

  • Anger issues

  • Depression

  • Executive Functioning concerns

  • ADHD

  • Emotional Sensitivity

Gifted Nature and Identity in Counseling

Gifted individuals may seeking counseling for any number of reasons; academic achievement, workplace performance problems, feeling emotionally reactive and sensitive. These may be experienced in conjunction with inflexible institutions and the result is a feeling of alienation and isolation. Other times the demands of developing talents fully are at the expense of the other aspects of life. In more than 35 combined years of working with gifted and talented people, we have seen many gifted people, young students and career adults, struggle with issues like these.

In counseling it is crucial to understand and acknowledge these experiences in order to gaina deeper evaluation of what an individual needs to develop themselves. For this reason, giftedness or an individual’s gifted nature has to ba a factor inthe counseling process to affect positive change. Focusing on your identity as a gifted person — and how that relates to the whole self — is the foundation for growth. Learning how people are gifted or about your giftedness / talent and understanding it in the context of family, friends and co-workers is always the first step to activating your potential and leading more fulfilling lives. For us, identity is the tool of your expression not who you are.

The Term Gifted.

Giftedness is a definition that can be challenging to navigate as it is defined differently based on varying perspectives from educators, psychologists, popular culture and researchers. It is the hope that the definition will become more fluid among these perspectives as we continue to study the brain, human nature and exceptionality.

We view Giftedness as a continuum of human nature and exceptionality in relationship to aspects of neurological, physiological and developmental makeup. It constitutes a variance in human nature outside of the norm. In general, we look at Giftedness as human nature on a continuum, variance or exception.

Giftedness is not limited to the romantic view of advanced ability in science or math but encompasses far more variables of human nature that are exceptional or extreme in some manner compared to the normative conception of behavior and ability. Giftedness should not be viewed in a judgmental way, that being gifted is an indicator that a person will achieve more in life, be better than other people or is non-human in any way.

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